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I have been doing architectural renderings in the South Florida area for the past twenty years. I graduated with a Bachelor's of
Architecture from the University of Miami School of Architecture in 1988. I also have an Associate's Degree in Commercial
Art and Graphic Design. Commercial, residential and custom home renderings are my specialty. I devote myself completely to
architectural renderings and my work is usually done in watercolors or photo-realistic computer renderings. I appreciate you
keeping me in mind when you have a client who requires a rendering.

As you can see from the images in the Gallery, I have perfected a photo-realistic technique which captures the realism of the
architecture together with the artistry of traditional renderings. The uniqueness of my photo-realistic renderings results from a
combination of my twenty years plus of experience in creating watercolor renderings and the quality of the landscaping
graphics I use. The skies, trees, bushes and grass that you see in my renderings are from photographs that I have taken of
actual landscaping. Therefore, when I set your building in the surroundings I have created, it looks like it already exists.

The majority of the renderings I have seen have been created by people who simply know how to use the computer and its
imaging programs. They have no idea regarding composition, contrast, balance and depth. Therefore, you get a very sterile

When I create a rendering, I am not only using my knowledge of architecture, I also use my experience as an artist and graphic
designer to provide you with a beautiful and unique work of art.

Creating architectural renderings is not only my job, it is my passion.

Rey Garcia
About the Artist
Rey Garcia
Rey Garcia
Architectural Renderings
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